Irene Wang (CNRS Research engineer)




Aurélie Dupont (CNRS Researcher)




Elisa Vitiello (Post-doc)




Katharina Hennig (PhD Student)



Kalpana Mandal (PhD student)



Rachel Milloud (PhD student)



Philippe Moreau (CNRS assistant engineer)



Richard Demets (PhD student)




Manuel Théry (CEA researcher @ LPCV / iRTSV / DSV / CEA

Antoine Delon (UJF Professor @ LIPHy)

Lionel Bureau (CNRS researcher @ LIPhy)

Corinne Albigès-Rizo’s team (@ DYSAD team IAB)

Matthieu Piel (@ Institut Curie)

Sylvie Hénon (@ MSC Group)

William Vainchenker (@ IGR)

Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil  (@ Institut Curie)

Nicolas Desprat (@ ENS Paris)

Lars Holmgren (@ Karolinska Institute)


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