Patterned Traction Cytometry

   “make the link between cell architecture and cellular tensions”

In vivo cells maintains predefined and reproducible shapes and architectures, those architectures are closely linked to cellular and tissue function.
Extra cellular matrix, on which cells adhere, provides a variety of biochemical signals that influence cellular behaviour including cell adhesion, migration and differentiation but it also provides a physical scaffold for cells that strongly influences cell architecture and their related intracellular tension. Thus understanding how the physical properties (geometry, rigidity…) of the extra-cellular matrix influences cell shape, internal organization and signaling remains a major question in cell biology

To adress this question we systematically probe the existing relation in between cell shape and cell force generation in response to ECM physical properties by using a combination of cell micropatterning and traction force microscopy on soft substrates.

Like this, we simultaneously control cell geometry and mechanics

Single MEF cell plated on U shape fibronectin soft micropattern and their related adhesive structures and traction forces

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